Five Reasons to Host a Destination Wedding

By Carrie L. Christoph

February, 2024

wedding at waterfall


Destination weddings are becoming more popular.  According to Condor Ferrie, and international travel advisor, 25% weddings planned for 2024 and 2025 will be destination weddings (1). There are several reasons for this phenomenon.  Below, are a few reasons that couples are choosing destination weddings. 


Destination Weddings are Beautiful

From jungle mountain retreats (2), to luscious vineyards, to sandy beaches  (3) Destination Weddings are held in some of the world’s most gorgeous places.  These locations will be the backdrop to some of your most important memories. 


happy bride


The majority of the Destination Weddings that I plan are held in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Here, there are resorts that specialize in Destination Weddings.  These resorts encompass landscapes of all types including lush jungle rivers (4), desert mountains (5), white sand beaches, and lush river waterfalls.  Any couple can find their dream setting.  Further, as I am in Michigan, the tropics are always popular for winter weddings (6). 



Many surveys report Destination Wedding couples are happier with their overall wedding experience than local wedding couples.  One of the major reasons for this is simply the amount of time that the couple gets to spend with their guests.  While the standard wedding is a four to six hours whirlwind of pomp, photos, and greeting guests, a destination wedding allows for four to six days of a family vacation, where you and your beloveds will get to spend quality time together, and celebrate each other’s presence . (7)


happy bride


Fun for Everyone

Destination Weddings are fun for the guests, (8) in that it can be truly a vacation, rather than simply a social obligation.  In addition to your spectacular ceremony and reception, a great Destination Wedding Planner, such as, Destination Weddings by Generous Muse (9) will schedule for fun for all your guests, including site seeing excursions, snorkeling, bird-watching, clubbing, spa-ing, or just chilling beach-side.  Further, your destination wedding planner will help you find a resort venue that will graciously accommodate the needs of every family member.  For example, several resorts provide children’s programing so that children will not be bored during the less active moments of a wedding, others provide transport assistance for family with mobility issues, and finally a few resorts provide accommodations for guests with auditory impairments. 


family fun


Stress Free

Destination Weddings are significantly less stressful to plan than local weddings.  Many resorts have full wedding packages, allowing for incredibly simplified planning.  A fantastic destination wedding planner, such as Weddings by Generous Muse, will coordinate all aspects of your wedding, including research, booking, travel accommodations, and logistical details.  All you and your guests will have to do is show up with your wedding outfits, bathing suits and sunscreen.  

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Cost Effective

In addition to being over-the-top beautiful, memorable, and low stress, Generous Muse Destination weddings are quite cost effective!  While the average American Bride spends $30,000 (11), at Weddings by Generous Muse our average couple spends about $8,000, including their travel (if you contact us, we will e-mail you a budget demonstration).  $30,000 is the cost of a car, a student loan, a mortgage downpayment, and many other things that couples will need to allocate money towards.  It is well known, that money stress is one of the top reasons couples get divorced.  So, it is a logical decision for couples to choose to not start their married life deeply in debt.  A destination wedding is less expensive, and extremely memorable.  


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Clearly, there are many reasons why Destination Weddings are becoming so popular.  Should you want to chat with an expert about planning a destination wedding, and what options might meet your needs, make an appointment with Weddings by Generous Muse.  (12) Further, should you contact the Muses, mention this blog, as currently, the Muses have access to beautiful, all-inclusive wedding packages at 15 to 30% off normal price, for weddings booked through 2025.  








6) True Story: as I write this on January 17, 2024, it is a balmy 8 degrees Fahrenheit, and we are expecting four more inches of snow tonight. I am unironically writing this in both a hoodie and a Snuggy.