Destination Weddings

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Do you desire the glamour, adventure, and romance of a destination wedding? At the same time, are you overwhelmed as to how to start planning this event?

Generous Muse Travel is here to help you create beautiful, memorable, stress-free, and affordable destination wedding.

At Weddings by Generous Muse, it is our goal to motivate, inspire, and encourage couples in their wedding planning journey. We help couples research, find, and book the perfect venue for their wedding.

We will help lower your stress, save you time, and take care of your guests. Finally, we will negotiate with the resorts to get you the kinds of discounts, complementary services, upgrades, and rebates that only a professional, accredited travel agent can procure.

The Generous Muse Travel Philosophy for Destination Weddings

Destination weddings as not a single one-hour ceremony, and three-hour party, but as an entire vacation experience for you and your guests. At Generous Muse Travel we work hard to personalize this occasion for you, and your loved ones.

Our founder believes weddings are all about connection between couples, as well as the connection between the families that are joining together.  Generous Muse Travel believes that vacations are all about deepening connections between traveling companions, and their connection to the wider world.  Therefore, Destination Weddings are a natural fit

Destination Wedding Client Experience


Once hired, the Muses will do the following things for you:

  • Set up a budget for your events.
  • We will respect this budget.
  • Research venues based on what you tell us about your vision. We will then help you select the perfect venue.
  • Book the ceremony venue.
  • Book the room block at the resort.
  • Get you the discounts, complimentary services, upgrades, and rebates that only an experienced travel agent can procure.
  • Handle the guest RSVP’s as your friends and family book their rooms.
  • We will stay in communication with your guests, to keep them updated about travel information, as well as information about the venue. It is our wish that your guests will be as in love with the venue as you are.
  • Additionally, we will set up a complimentary wedding website, so you will stay in communication with your guests, regarding your wedding. In this way, your guests will receive VIP service from Generous Muse Travel.
  • Communicate with the hotel and ceremony venue regarding your decor, food, photography, and music choices.
  • We will continuously try to create the event that reflects you and your love story.
  • Provide hands on support and a clear roadmap to your special days.

If you would like to work with us, please schedule a free complimentary discussion regarding your wedding plans.

Ideas Based on Previous Wedding Bookings

We will help you find a venue that most fits your esthetic, budget, and other needs. Some examples of recent Generous Muse Weddings include:
  • Beach ceremony in Jamaica
  • Jungle ceremony in Costa Rica
  • Cruise ship ceremony in the Caribbean

If you would like to work with us, please schedule a free complimentary discussion regarding your wedding plans.

Case Studies

Case Study One: Quick Cruise Wedding

Concerns:  The couple had already planned their wedding, booked a reception venue, and several vendors.  Sadly, the groom’s mother received devastating medical news, and the couple were concerned that she would not be able to attend.  Therefore, the couple decided to cancel their previous half-year-away plans, and host a wedding within two months.  

Given that the majority of their budget had been spent on down payments for their venues, caterers, and photographers, they had a very small budget. 

Muse Solution:  The muses found the couple a cruise, leaving within a month of our first meeting, from a port within drivable distance from the couple’s hometown.  The muses were able to find staterooms at a variety of price points for their guests.  This allowed many of the couple’s friends and family to join them on their wedding cruise.  Further, the muses made sure that the cruise was able to accommodate the health concerns of the groom’s mother.

Benefits: On the island before their wedding location, the couple hosted separate excursions as their bachelor and bachelorette parties.  The couple had a wedding at the cruise line’s chapel in the Bahamas, complete with flowers, photographers, and a cocktail reception.  The couple maximized their wedding package by taking advantage of private dining options, as well as public events that were part of the cruise experience.  

Result:  The couple, their family and friends had a beautiful week together, creating memorie

Case Study Two: Delayed Wedding

Concerns: The couple became engaged Valentine’s Day 2020. Then, Covid-19 made their wedding plans impossible to coordinate. After two years of waiting, the couple decided that they wanted to finally have their wedding. However, the couple was having trouble finding local venues that were not previously booked.

Muse Solution: The muses found the couple a beautiful, family-friendly resort, in Mexico to host their ceremony and reception. This location was within distance to many fantastic cultural landmarks and natural wonders, which provided the entire family the ability to bond through tourist exploration.

Result: The couple were thrilled that they were able to be finally wed at long last, as well as spend quality time with their family and friends.

Benefits: Because we chose a family-friendly resort, the couple’s entire family was able to attend the event.  The couple not only had a fantastic wedding ceremony, but they also chose an excursion to water park which gave them a full day of quality time, forming memories with their family.